2023-08-20 | Doug

Have you ever uploaded a workout, for example to Garmin Connect, Strava, or TrainingPeaks, and wished you could edit that data?

Then I have good news for you.

I’ve been working on FitEdit a lot in the last two months, and yesterday, I released the first public version of FitEdit.

With FitEdit, you can change the data behind the online charts and tables. You can modify the second-by-second data including pace, heart rate, GPS latitude and longitude, timestamps, cadence, power, and many other fields. You can even change which device was used!

Try FitEdit today. It’s free to import, view, edit, and export your data. Syncing of data between devices and with third-parties like Garmin and Strava is available with a subscription.

FitEdit is still early in development. There’s more to come! To be the first to know, be sure to sign up for email list.

Please let me know how you’re using FitEdit and how it can be even better for you.



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